This is a redesign of the Rolling Stone's original magazine spread "Ted Cruz's Punk Rock Problem", which goes over the Texas congressman and former bassist Beto O'Rourke's race for Texas senate. The original spread design felt empty and simple compared to its actual content which talked about Beto's race, and him being a part of a 90s punk-rock band called Foss as a bassist. I wanted to take this interesting headline, and turn it into something both eye-catching and directly related to the 90s theme mentioned in the article.
I took inspiration from punk zines made in the 90s, which all incorporated heavy colors, dark, thick strokes, and a hand-made aesthetic. I wanted to emulate this aesthetic myself while redesigning the spread, so I opted for physically cutting out letters, taping them, and scanning them back into my computer in order to get textures and shadows I wouldn't be able to create digitally.​​​​​​​
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